How do I fix this? please help

When I run my code it says this:

line 1, in
import cloudscraper as cs
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘cloudscraper’

my code:
mport cloudscraper as cs
from dhooks import Webhook, Embed
from time import sleep

scraper = cs.create_scraper()
webhook = Webhook(“webhook link”)

while True:
rain_active = False
if rain_active == False:
r = scraper.get(“hts://”).json()[‘rain’]
if r[‘active’] == True:
prize = r[‘prize’]
em = Embed(color=0x0025ff, timestamp=‘now’)
em.add_field(name=‘Rain!’, value=f’Active Rain ${prize}join rain’)
rain_active = True
rain_active = False

Likely the library that provides the clouscraper import is not installed. Or it is installed, but for a different Python interpreter than the one used to run the code.

You could try commands like this to help debugging.

path/to/pythonX.Y -m pip show cloudscraper
path/to/pythonX.Y -c 'import cloudscraper; print(cloudscraper)'