How do i get Pycharm to return a cli query?

I’m brand new to Python/programming etc. i’m using Pycharm as my IDE. How can i run a cli command like say “Curl” from within that environment. all i can see is the python editor and a widowns cmd terminal which wont let me run it. How can i run a command like “curl” from Pycharm?

The curl app doesn’t come with Windows: it’s a Linux app. Windows PowerShell has a command curl (which is an alias for Invoke-RestMethod), but that’s not available in cmd. To switch to PowerShell, change the program in the settings: see Terminal emulator—PyCharm.

Is this a question for Python users? Is this better suited for the PyCharm forums or StackOverflow?

Hello Laurie. Thank you very much for your help here. This is exactly what i wanted and thank you. i did post this on Stack as well, but you are right i should have used Pycharm forum. apologies and thanks again, it’s greatly appreciated. :clap: :slightly_smiling_face: