How do I raise a new PEP

I have added an Idea to the discussions.

I think it needs to be taken formally forward

how do I do this

This is Add PDFDocEncoding to standard codecs, right? I think you’d need to wait for some feedback before going as far as writing a PEP. Have a look at PEP 1 – PEP Purpose and Guidelines |

People might even tell you that this is not worth a PEP and should just be done in an issue.

Additionally, if it’s a PEP you will need a core developer to sponsor your PEP, as explained in PEP 1 – PEP Purpose and Guidelines |

I’m just a lurker here, but that’s my understanding of how it works.


I’m one of the PEP Editors, and responsible for some of the most recent revisions of the PEP 1 sections in question, and yeah you’ve basically got it right on the money. PEP 1 is your best friend when it comes to walking you through the high-level steps of the PEP process, and PEP 12 deals with the technicalities of actually writing one (and I’ve been working to significantly update and improve both of them). But before any of that, as PEP 1 says, you need to gather feedback on your idea first for a little bit more than 9 minutes before proposing a PEP :joy:

However, @johns1c , as my reading would also generally suggest, it sounds like given your proposal is just to add a new codec to the codecs module, and it sounds like there’s a decent case for it, it really doesn’t seem like a large or disruptive enough change to require a PEP, so once you’ve gathered some feedback on the thread you’re probably best off just opening an issue and going for it directly.

Best of luck!

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Dear Chris,

Many thanks for this. I will count you as thinking it worthy of moving it forward but will wait for other comments before doing so

Chris Johnson