How do we want to collect nominees?

Since it’s looking like nominations will open up starting January 07, we should probably figure out how we want to gather the list of nominees.

Off the top of my head, I can think of two possibilities. One is we open a new topic here on Discourse and make it a wiki post so anyone can edit it and add a nominee’s name to the list. I believe the ACL on the topic itself will keep it to just core devs which is really the only restriction on nominations.

The other option is we add a list to the voters repo. That will also have the correct ACL for restricting nominations to only come from core developers, but the burden is potentially higher (although that depends on your view of Discourse :wink:). My personal preference is to use Discourse to keep it simple.

Either way I think it would be helpful to have a habit of opening a new topic here for anyone who is nominated so any relevant info about the nominee can be shared and easily linked to as well as centralize any questions/comments about the nominee. We can add a new council tag or something here on Discourse to help collect/track such posts (I also expect we will end up prefixing all the topic titles with something like Council nomination: Brett Cannon or something to also help facilitate discovery). If we get into the habit with this it also means we can link the nominee’s name in the wiki/repo post to make it easier for people to find info an a specific nominee.