How does Tim get post access to Committers?

(Tim Peters) #1

I can read Committers, but anything that might allow me to reply, or create a new topic, appears to be missing or grayed out. Perhaps because I used as my email address? Sorry, but I have no idea which email address the software is looking for, or how to find out.

(Ernest W. Durbin III) #2

Hey Tim! That group is manually managed. You’ve been added.

(Jeremy Hylton) #3

Can you add Jeremy, too?

(Tim Peters) #4

Crossed with my email just now. Apparently “the right way” to do this is at

Click the “Request” button at the right end of the “committers” line.

(Barry Warsaw) #5

Hey @jhylton @fdrake @guido - Let’s get the band back together!

(Fred Drake) #6

Party at the secret clubhouse?

(Barry Warsaw) #7

I’ve got the Cleese Room reserved at the PSU headquarters. All you have to do is use the secret handshake when you get ther*)(#MVSI01l jasd09!@$xiom… CARRIER LOST

(Antoine Pitrou) #8

Wheelchairs included?