How to avoid tle while coding in gfg

please help me come out of this situation .my code is working well in python idle ,but when compliling in gfg i am getting TLE (Time limit exceed error).What to do? please help me. dont put my spirits down.

“Code-executor-bot” developers should set some limitations to keep the computer’s safety.
Some Of Those Limitations Are:

  • File Editing/Creating/Access (disabled or limited)
  • Execution Time(what if someone tries to execute an endless ‘while’ loop?)
  • Network Access
  • Multiprocessing (max. 5 pids/processes etc.)

In your case, unfortunately, there is not a “general solution”. You can try to find an ‘easier’ way to do the task you are currently working on.

What’s “gfg”?

I assume you are trying to run your code remotely, on some server with a Python interpreter.

If your code is exceeding the time limit, there is only two solutions:

  • If the server is yours, you can increase the time limit.
  • Otherwise, you need to write faster code.

We can’t tell you how to speed up your code if we don’t know what your code is.