How to contribute to PyPI as a beginner in 2021?

Hi Everyone, :hugs:

I am one of the organizers of “Barcelona Coding Monkeys”, a meetup group devoted to coding, open source and diversity in tech.

This 2021 we are starting an open source series and we would like to talk about PyPI and the core team behind it, specially to encourage people with a basic/intermediate coding level (1-2 years coding experience) to start contributing with easy tasks to the library.

I remember from EuroPython 2020 that PyPI team was there running some awesome sprints. Would someone be interested in talking at our meetup? We are having first a session on how to upload packages to PyPI and we would like to have another one later on how to contribute to the library. Usually, speakers deliver a 1 or 2 hours talk (depending on the format), it would really be an honor for us to have you! :star_struck:

Looking forward to hearing from you,

Gloria Macia