How to drag tkinter canvas objects together? (Backwards compatibility issue)

I copy pasted an answer from stack overflow detailing a method to move the object together under 1 tag (python - How to move multiple objects together in tkinter canvas? - Stack Overflow). Here is the program:

import tkinter as tk

PAB=tk.Canvas(width=400, height=400, bg="gray")

class Rect:
    def __init__(self, x1, y1, name):

        tag = f"movable{id(self)}"
        rec = PAB.create_rectangle(x1,y1,x1+40,y1+40, fill='#c0c0c0', tag=(tag, ))
        text = PAB.create_text(x1+20,y1+20, text=name, tag=(tag,))

def in_bbox(event, item):  # checks if the mouse click is inside the item
    bbox = PAB.bbox(item)

    return bbox[0] < event.x < bbox[2] and bbox[1] < event.y < bbox[3]
#mouse click find object to move
def get_it(event):
    global cur_rec
    cur_rec = PAB.find_closest(event.x, event.y)  # returns the closest object

    if not in_bbox(event, cur_rec):  # if its not in bbox then sets current_rec as None
        cur_rec = None

#mouse movement moves object
def move_it(event):
    if cur_rec:
        xPos, yPos = event.x, event.y
        xObject, yObject = PAB.coords(cur_rec)[0],PAB.coords(cur_rec)[1]
        PAB.move(PAB.gettags(cur_rec)[0], xPos-xObject, yPos-yObject) 

PAB.bind('<Button-1>', get_it)
PAB.bind('<B1-Motion>', move_it)
#test rects
bob = Rect(20,20,'Bob')
rob = Rect(80,80,'Rob')
different_bob = Rect(160,160,'Bob')


The 2 “Bobs” are supposed to move together because they have the same tag and name, but they moved independently instead, as if each “Bob” has it’s own individual, dissimilar tag. I figured out it is a backwards compatibility issue because, the text, especially…

A better way would be to use the same tag for all the items that you want to move together so in your case both rectangle and text must have the same tag.

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This is precisely what I was looking for! Could you elaborate why rewrote the get_it function?

  • The asker commenting on said person’s answer.

, indicates to me that the program used to work in a previous version, and that there are features that are deprecated. How do I make the code work in the newer version?

That’s just it: they don’t actually have the same tag. Look at how the tag is created:

tag = f"movable{id(self)}"

This will mean that every instance of the Rect has a unique tag, because every separate object has a unique id (that’s the purpose of ids).

Aside from that, Tkinter has no real way to know about the “name” (you are only using it to say what the text is for some text objects), and wouldn’t care anyway.

Notice how, for each “Bob”, its rectangle and text do move together? That’s because the code does use the same tag value for the create_rectangle and create_text calls used to create the rectangle and text canvas objects for a given Rect instance. That’s the purpose of how the code was written.

I can’t understand at all how you got this impression from what they are saying. They don’t say anything like that, and it is not a backwards compatibility issue.