How to fetch data as per the user selection in python

I have a base of 500k rows which has mutiple columns like customer age,segment,balace, and other flag. I want to create gui screen with 10 +flags from my base and once the user selects the respective flags, user should be able to download the data .

Hey Gangi, just an overview to your project. You should have something like a list of slected_flags = [] and then you can have a check box in the column header for selection. If a column is selected then that the column should be appended to the list of selected flags. The download button when clicked should check if there is any column selacted and only download the columns in the list. Or you can also filter have the original list initially with all the flags(columns)… but when the download btn is clicked the the download function should check if there is a need to filter from the original list.