How to get law data

Hi, I want to get law data from this web “” , and i found the api address “” , but when i try to open it on firefox or get it, show error, please help to check what is wrong, thanks

import json
import requests
url_1 = ""

json_url_1 = requests.get(url_1)
json_data_1 = json.loads(json_url_1.text)
conver_data= json_data_1["data"]
print (conver_data)

If there is also an error when you try to use a web browser normally, then this is a question about the web site, not about writing Python code.

What steps did you take to find this API address? If it is not from documentation on the website, then most likely it is not actually intended for you to use. It might require any number of secret checks that aren’t explained anywhere.

In Firefox, that url returns an error. “Key: ‘Request.Domain’ Error:Field validation for ‘Domain’ failed on the ‘required’ tag”. Fixing this is a website issue, not a Python error.

I want to get history stock price, but i think maybe it like defense, because history price can show normal, so i only get by python selenium??