How to instal python

for some reason i cant find a instalation link for python

Hi !

Can you be more specific ? On which operating system are you trying to run Python ? Do you want to install a specific version of Python ?

You’ll find downloadable installers for the supported OS on this page. Note that Python comes pre-installed on most Linux distros and on some macOS versions.

thanks !

do you also know how to instal Selenium for windows it isnt working i think

I’ve never used Selenium myself, but it seems like you have to install two things:

  • The selenium Python library
  • A driver for the web browser you wish to interface with

You’ll find more information on their PyPI page, and on the Getting Started page of their documentation website.

hey Tom there is no selenium for a particular OS, AFAIK, but selenium drivers for the various browsers… it seems now you have python installed on your machine as @WeisLeDocto has said you should be more specific to what is not working…
so far what have you have tried? are you getting any errors? your post should be accompanied with what you have tried so far…