How to keep content balanced?

Looking at the latest topics list here at the moment, (/latest), I see topics in these categories: PEPs, Packaging, Packaging, Packaging, Packaging, Packaging, Packaging, Packaging, Users, PEPs.

It’s great that people are making progress on packaging. Does Discourse give us any tools to help non-packaging people also feel at home here?

I run another Discourse site for work ( which also has this dynamic: one topic is the overwhelming majority of the traffic. I want to help people with other interests to see what they want when they get there. I’m looking for ideas…


I think one reason the Packaging and PEPs topics are popular here is that there may have been inadequate previous communications infrastructure for having conversations about those topics. So perhaps there are other such topics, underserved by their current mailing lists and so on, that would be useful to invite and to seed with starter conversations here?

Also, more folks of more diverse interests would come here if we linked to this Discourse instance more systematically, such as in the Python developers’ guide and on the Community page of (I’ve just done a tiny bit of this; the Forums page now links to this Discourse.) Perhaps people interested in directing more folks here could write occasional “recent threads on Discourse you should check out” mailing list posts to comp.lang.python and similar lists, or blog posts that get syndicated to the Planet.

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Don’t misunderstand me: I don’t want to reduce the amount of packaging talk here. It’s great that talking about packaging is happening. I’m just wondering what tools or techniques are available for making Discourse feel “right” for other interests.

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I totally get it. :slight_smile:

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Looking at /latest now, I see topics in these categories: PSF (should be Users and I’ve flagged it to be moved), Users, Users, Users, Users, Users, Packaging, Core Workflow, Users, Packaging, Users, Async-SIG, Users, Packaging, Users, Ideas.

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