How to know the dependencies of a installed pip package

I’m currently comparing three packages to use the checkbox feature in Teminal
bullet , inquirer , beaupy
At the time of installation, process was downloading the dependent package and checking the version,
so saw that it depended on rich, that it depended on blessed etc
I made a note of the output when I installed it, so I can check it with that this time.
in other case How can I check the dependencies, is there an easy way?
I thought it would be nice if there was an way to check (eg. like apt’s depends option)

Have you tried this?

pip show <package_name>
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Thank you, of course I already tried, but I made a serious mistake
I wrong tested checked the bullet(no dependencies!) in the three packages I was comparing pip show bullet
and mistakenly thought that it was not listed here or not necessarily :sweat_drops: