How to make pydoc -b open a new browser window?

I use Python 3.11 on Windows 10 in a cmd.exe command window. I prefer to see documentation in HTML, not just because topics will be linked.

When I do pydoc -b pydoc starts it’s own local web server, and opens the documentation in my default browser. But it uses my current open default browser and adds a tab to that browser.

I prefer to see the Python docs in another (new) browser window. Is this possible?

NOTE: I searched docs for “.serve” which opens the pydoc server, and found nothing. I also searched for “pydoc .server” and “pydoc.serve” and that didn’t help either. I also did several Google searches.

Not currently possible, which you can check by reading the sourcecode in It calls with no configurable arguments. You could open a feature request on the cpython issue tracker.