How to manage sharedctypes in multiprocessing codes

Hi, I would like ask an information about shared variable in multiprocessing codes with pool library.

For example I have a list of sublists and each sublist have different length. When I launch command
arr = np.ctypeslib.as_ctypes(np.array(list))
I obtain the following error: NotImplementedError: Converting dtype(‘O’) to a ctypes type

But if I launch
arr = np.ctypeslib.as_array(np.array(list))
it works but then, using the next command:
arr_raw = sharedctypes.RawArray(arr._type_, arr)
I obtain the following error: attributeerror: ‘numpy.ndarray’ object has no attribute ‘type

I would like ask support to create sharing variables of lists as for example:
[ [1, [2,3], [4,5,6]] , [1,[1],[1]] , …]

thank you very much