How to parse the file in

I’d read the lines, strip off the trailing newlines, split each line on multiple whitespace, and then remove those lines that contain only repeated ‘=’. That would result in a list where one of the entries was just [''], which corresponds to the blank line that separated the 2 tables. I’d then use the first part (excluding the table’s heading) to make a dict, and the second part to make some other convenient structure for a table.

Does the file have to come that way? Can it come as a CSV?

yes it can come

can u pls send the code for parsing

actually it is in plain text format

Inspection Summary TOTAL TRACK 1 TRACK 2 TRACK 3 TRACK 4 TRACK 5

Units Inspected 2654 516 533 538 538 529
Units Passed 2621 508 524 530 533 526
Units Yield 98.76 98.5 98.4 98.6 99.1 99.5
Units Failed 33 8 9 8 5 3 how to automate the parsing of text file in python

Here’s a simple example:

import re

# Path to the input file.
path = '/path/to/input'

# Pattern for splitting a line into columns.
pattern = re.compile(r'\s{2,}')

rows = []

with open(path) as file:
    for line in file:
        # Remove trailing whitespace.
        line = line.rstrip()

        # Ignore the line if it's empty or only repeated '-'.
        if not line.strip('-'):

        # Split into columns.
        columns = pattern.split(line)

        # New row, with leading and trailing whitespace stripped off.
        rows.append([cell.strip() for cell in columns])