How to run this code for only one worksheet from Excel workbook


I want to use below code for only one worksheet of Excel workbook.
I do not want to run a Loop for this. My worksheet name is Sheet1.
I want to populate data only for Sheet1. I tried editing my code and not able to do it.

worksheet = wbk.get_worksheet_by_name(‘Sheet1’)
This line am getting an error.
If I hover my mouse over this line, it says, invalid character in identifier.
Can anyone please help me in this.

import openpyxl
wbkName = r’\AA\AA\AA\AA\Python Chart Data.xlsx’# Please change path
wbk = openpyxl.load_workbook(wbkName)
#I am getting error at below line.
worksheet = wbk.get_worksheet_by_name(‘Sheet1’)
for wks in wbk.worksheets:# This will write for all the worksheets in workbook
for myRow in range(1, 6):
for myCol in range(1,11):
wks.cell(row=myRow, column=myCol).value = “Temp”
wbk.close ()