How to Tacacs-enable in python using netmiko for checkpoint firewalls

connection = ConnectHandler(**checkpoint)
connection.send_command_timing(“Tacacs-enable TACP-15”)
output = connection.send_command_timing(“show asset all”)

For automation you should certainly use the Gaia API instead of the CLI:
It is much easier to use the API instead of messing with the interactive CLI interface.

Regarding your code:

  • The command is tacacs_enable, not Tacacs-enable.
  • You do not seem to check the result of the command! That is very important.
  • Instead of waiting one second you should check if the previous command has finished. One second may be too much or not enough.
  • The command may ask you for a password. You do not provide one.
  • If you want to continue troubleshooting your code here:
    • Post a runnable code (some parts are missing in your code).
    • Explain what behaviour you want to get and what you get instead.
    • Put the code between lines with triple backticks so that we see it properly. See the post below for details: