How to unfreeze frozen_modules

How do I pass -X frozen_modules=off to python?
Or unfreeze the modules permanently?
I installed 3.11 and cannot run anything which includes PMW.
I have tried running from eclipse and idle with the same errors.

Copying the -X part from your question, start a program with py -X frozen_modules=off <filename>. (If not on Windows, replace ‘py’ with ‘python??’. To use IDLE, try py -X frozen_modules=off -m idlelib. Permanently? Put the startup line in a .bat or equivalent. I don’t know if one can compile with freezing turned off.

Thanks Terry, I tried that in both Python Idle and the Python app:
Idle simply says “SyntaxError: invalid syntax”
and highlights the ‘f’ of frozen

the Python app returns:
py -X frozen_modules=off -m idlelib
SyntaxError: invalid syntax

I also got essentially the same running it from Ecliplse

The py -X ... is to be entered at a command line (Bash, CommandPrompt) to start python, not as a >>> prompt.

Thanks! That does work from windows PowerShell or command prompt.
Would you (or anyone) know how to implement this into the Eclipse ‘run’ or ‘debug’ launcher?
(I am searching, but apparently most sane people run this in Linux …)

I cannot get this to work with Eclipse, it wont work with py already running.
I have not found in Eclipse a place to pass the same thing to Python, but Eclipse has a
dizzying number of settings. Thanks for help on this.

Apparently there is no way to get Python past the frozen modules.
I removed it and installed Python 3.10.10 and that appears to work just fine.
Thanks to all