How to update to python version 3.10

Hello, the current version of python installed in my device is 3.7 and I want to update it to 3.10. Can I do it without uninstalling the current version(3.7)? Thanks

not possible, only way I know is reinstalling

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That is incorrect. You can have multiple Python versions installed at the same time. My Fedora machine has six Python versions installed (2.7, 3.5 to 3.10) plus two PyPy versions.

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In general it is possible. How to do it in your case depends on what your device is, and how you installed Python on it.

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what you mean by reinstalling is uninstalling 3.7 then install 3.10? If so, would it have any effect on my IDE’s (ex. pycharm, sublime text)? Thanks

Can you please tell me how😅? My device is acer a315-53g.

Well actually no but if you are using editors and you have made your own environment then you might have to recreate the environment with the other version, or you could install multiple IDLE versions and create an environment for each, then choose either one!

op is asking to update version, not installing many IDLE versions