How to use selenium to fill in the data in the field of "Outbound date"

I was trying to use webdriver to fill in date to the field of “Outbound date” automatically in “” , but it’s not working. Any idea. thank you for replying.

You will need to provide more detail, including what “webdriver” itself
is in this context (guessing one of these):

but there seem to be a few plausible choices there.

Paste your code inline into your reply between tiple backticks:

your code here

and ideally a transcript also of any error, ideally also as inline text.

Note that direct interaction via a controlled web browser is not your
only choice - web browsers themselves interact with server using form

The popular “requests” lirary helps a lot with that. Things like
selenium which manipulate browsers tend only to be required when there’s
complex interaction with the user interface required.

So while you’re trying to manipulate the “Outbound Date” calendar widget
I see on that page, you may be better off figuring out what form API it
uses and just submitting a form with s suitable date value in it.

Cameron Simpson

Dear Cameron, Thank you for your reply. I’ll give it a try. Have a nice day