How to use shift_l hotkey (KeyCode = 50)

I would like to use the “shift_l”, “ctrl_l” and “alt_l” hotkeys. Here’s my code which works:
with keyboard.GlobalHotKeys({
‘f’: function_1,
‘s’: function_2,
‘q’: function_3,
‘’: function_4,
‘’: function_5,
‘’: function_6}) as h:
When I substitute ‘<shift_l>’ and run the code both shifts still trigger when I want only the left shift to trigger. For ‘<ctrl_l>’ and ‘<alt_l>’ nothing happens. Can I substitute the keycodes here and how?

some of the code disappeared. After function_3 the hotkeys should be "’, ‘’ and ‘’. Trying to figure out how to embed the code in the edit box.

I guess that didn’t work. The last 3 should contain the shift, control and alt hotkeys.


Sorry, you haven’t given us enough information to answer your question.

What is keyboard.GlobalHotKeys and where does it come from? I guess you
are using some sort of GUI framework or library, but which one?