Howto ignore a category?

(Victor Stinner) #1


Right now, I’m not interested in the Packaging category and so configured it as “Normal”:

But I still get a “notification” of new discussions in “New”:

Did I misunderstand something? Should I select “Muted”? But does it mean that I will miss if someone mentions my name on purpose?


(Brett Cannon) #2

I believe muted is what you want, but I don’t know about it preventing you from receiving an @ mention.

(Victor Stinner) #3

Ok, I changed my option to Muted. I will see if I still get new notifications.

(Paul Ganssle) #4

The problem with Muted is that it hides the entire thread and/or category in the UI, so you can no longer navigate the threads in the category. Here’s a screenshot of how it works with threads (with categories it does the same thing):


Then if I mute the “InspectFunction ABC for function-like objects” thread, I can no longer see that the thread is there at all:

It would be nice to have the option to see all the threads/categories/tags, but also mute notifications from them.


For muted categories, you can still view them from the landing page, and click on the “all categories” box (top left)

Not sure about muted topics.