I cant find why im getting two values

# getting the input from the user
n = int(input('Enter the amount: '))

# converting the cents into dollars and cents
dollars = n // 100
cent = n % 100

# printing the dollars and cents
print('The Change for %d dollars and %d cent' % (dollars, cent))

# variables to store the number of various denomiations of money
hundred_dollars = 0
twenty_dollars = 0
ten_dollars = 0
five_dollars = 0
one_dollars = 0
quarters = 0
dime = 0
nickel = 0
pennies = 0
# converting the cents into hundred dollar
hundred_dollars, dollars = divmod(n, 10000)

# converting the cents into twenty dollar
twenty_dollars, cents = divmod(n, 2000)

# converting the cents into ten dollar
ten_dollars, cents = divmod(cents, 1000)

# converting the cents into five dollar
five_dollars, cents = divmod(cents, 500)

# converting the cents into one dollar
one_dollars, cents = divmod(cents, 100)

# converting the cents into quarters
quarters, cents = divmod(cents, 25)

# converting the cents into dime
dime, cents = divmod(cents, 10)

# converting the cents into pennies and nickel
nickel, pennies = divmod(cents, 5)

# displaying the various denominations

print('%dx Hundred Dollars bills' % hundred_dollars)
print('%dx Twenty Dollars bills' % twenty_dollars)
print('%dx Ten Dollars bills' % ten_dollars)
print('%dx Five Dollars bills' % five_dollars)
print('%dx one Dollars bills' % one_dollars)
print('%dx Quarters' % quarters)
print('%dx Dime' % dime)
print('%dx Nickel' % nickel)
print('%dx Pennies' % pennies)

i have this code written but when i run it it gives me 1x hundred and 5x twenty when it should only say 1x hundred

You’re determinng the number of items in each denomination, but not subtracting their values as you do so. You’re always working from the original amount.

Each time, divmod is giving you the number of each denomination and the remaining amount.

Also, when posting code, enclose it in backticks to preserve the formatting:

# A comment
print('Some text')

can you please help me with resolving the issue i am fairly new to python

It might be clearer if you renamed n to, say, amount:

amount = int(input('Enter the amount in cents: '))

How many hundred-dollar bills?

hundred_dollars, amount = divmod(amount, 10000)

amount is now what’s left after you’ve taken as many hundred-dollar bills as possible.

How many twenty-dollar bills?

twenty_dollars, amount = divmod(amount, 2000)

And so on.

THANK YOU i fixed the code and it is now working