I have a problem with the csv file

I have a piece of code that allows me to download a csv file from the web data server, like eg. temperature, humidity etc.
My data download has a start date and an end date by having it written from the terminal with raw_input, (eg I want the data starting from 01-10-2020 to 10-08-2020) with the various measurements and up to here it works.
Now the problem I’m having is that I would need this data over a month or a year to say that I need to hang more csv files. As I did, it can’t download for more than a month or a year, maybe it’s the server that’s causing problems.
So how can I write to the previously created csv file, another csv file overwritten to the other without changing the one that was written before with a new date?
If you can help me thank you in advance.

Hi @valentina1992 :smile:

This “core development” channel is for issues related to creating the Python language itself.

Questions about how to use Python should be asked in the Users channel.

Thanks! I hope you get your answer in the Users channel. :sunny:

Oh thank you. I just signed up on this forum and I still don’t know how to move :slight_smile:

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No problem. Thanks!