I need a fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography library

I am looking for a fast Elliptic Curve Cryptography library. I found ECC libraries that generate public and private keys, and also signatures.

But I also want a library that encrypts and decrypts using ECC.

Does anyone happen to know of such a library?

Do any of the links here help?


If not, you should tell us what you have tried and why they don’t help.

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That’s not how ECC works. ECC cannot do encryption and decryption directly like RSA. You need something like ECDH or ECIES in combination with a symmetric encryption algorithm.

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That will work great for me.

Do you have a library where I can plug in an ECC public key, and a message, and get out an encrypted text that can be decrypted with the ECC private key?

I will have a scout for ECDH and ECIES python libraries. I think they will do what I’m after.

Thanks for your help.