I need help for a school job

I need for a school assignment, I have to create a base two calculator to get to the base 9, can someone help me in a relatively simple way, Italy

Please show us what code you have written so far.

i dont even know how to start:(((

Firstly, we have all been there so try to relax. It’s difficult right now, but it will get easy soon.
Secondly, try to search for ways you can get started on Google. Try to understand the search results. That should get you started.

What part are you struggling with?

Do you understand how to convert a base2 value to a base9 value, mathematically? If not, start there.

Then, the next step is to define the boundaries of your program:

  • What kind of input will it need to process? Base2 values represented as strings, like “1001011”? Something else?
  • What kind of output is expected? Also strings?

To help you get started, here’s how to convert a binary string to an integer value:

>>> binstring = "1010110"
>>> value = int(binstring, base=2)
>>> print(value)