I need help in downloading python application on a linux machine

hie so i have a linux os and im trying to download the python application but its not i click the download python 3 blue button but its not starting the download what do i do

What button are you talking about? Please show us, clearly and step by step.

We need more detail than this. Most Linux systems ship with Python
preinstalled. It sounds like you’re trying to obtain some application
built using Python, or perhaps a Python installer. And it sounds like
you’re doing this from a web page?

If a web page, what is its URL?

Anyway, we need more detail before we can help you.

Is this a raspberry pi blue tooth library you are looking for?

Oh yes thank you so much for replying to me but yes i realised i was trying to download what was already there what i wanted was pycharm in order to then use python for creating applications since i didnt want to always use the terminal so i scoured through youtube and it helped me out
Thanks so much at the moment im trying to create a simple task scheduling system but my code is not going on to the next schedule input instead its then terminating the whole program even though i has also put in code to then have it display all input schedules order following priority levels … where am i going wrong.can i send my code so you can check it out and if so how should i send the code

No worries, glad you sorted the download.

If you’ve got questions about your programme, open a new topic and ask.

If you’re including your code (we like to see the code) remember to copy/paste it between “code fences” so that it preserves the formatting. The </> button in the compose bar makes these for you.

Okay thanks a lot!