I need help with my task for a class

I need to write a function letterX(ninja, fillColor=“white”), where X is placeholder for a sign we got (I got letter S). With the help of this function turtle ninja will draw given sign in font 3x5, which will have filled color, fillcolor, in the end.

The edges of the net (i do not know what is a correct name for it) in which your turtle move is 100px, so the whole sign should fit into a rectangle 300px x 500px

turtle starts in left bottom corner and it is turn to the right

please help i am stucked

Before anyone can help you, we need to understand what is causing you difficulty.

Can you show (for example, by using a paint program on your computer) what you think the output should look like?

Can you say what you think are the steps needed to solve the problem? For example, can you write a list of instructions for how the turtle should move - how far forward, how much to turn, at what point in the process, etc.?

Do you understand how to write the code to make the turtle move forward? Do you understand how to write the code to make the turtle turn?

If you understand all of these things, then I don’t know why there is any difficulty - please show how you tried to put the pieces together, and explain how you are stuck: what happens when you try to use your code? How is that different from what you want?

If there’s something above you don’t understand, then let’s start with that part.

honestly, i do not really know, so far we had only class. However from the istructions I understood that the letter S should start in the lef bottom corner, so I tried to write in way it would move from the bottom to up, (this is what I got (

import turtle

def circle (ninja):

 ninja.circle(-50, -195)

ninja = turtle.Turtle()



I do not know how to make it face the right side and then go and draw, I what it means the font 3x5 (or it is the 300px x 50px? I do not know) ?

You need to ask the person setting the task what they mean.
They might mean the ratio of the width to the height.