I tried it on my own but showing me a error please help me in step 4 and step 6

import pandas as pd
dataFrame = pd.read_csv(‘dow_jones_index.data’,parse_dates=[“date”], index_col=“date”)
#step 2
Run the below cell to filter the opening price related to stock ‘WMT’.The sample is returned to variable ‘open_WMT_Ts’

open_WMT_Ts = dataFrame[(dataFrame.stock == ‘WMT’)].open.str.replace(’$’,’ ').astype(float)

#step 3

  • from statsmodels import adfuller method
    from statsmodels.tsa.stattools import adfuller
    #step 4
  • perform stationarity check on WMT opening price using adfuller method and return the result to variable ‘tsResult’
    ###Start code here

tsResult =
###End code

#step 5
print(‘ADF Statistic: %f’ % tsResult[0])
print(‘p-value: %f’ % tsResult[1])
for key, value in tsResult[4].items():
print(’\t%s: %.3f’ % (key, value))

#step 6
ADF_stat =

step 7

from test_ts_wmt import values

Don’t expect us to guess what error you got.

Copy and paste the text of the FULL error traceback, starting with the line “Traceback”, and reply on this thread.

Don’t post a screenshot or a photo.

The original post is also missing a
label for Step 6.

Try this:

Step 4:
tsResult = adfuller(open_WMT_Ts)

Run step5, you will get reault for ADF Statistic

Assign that value in step6

Step 6:
ADF_stat = (value you received for ADF statistic in step5)