I would like to track which value is passed to which parameter stuff like that


I am very beginner, therefore sorry if it is a very novice question. Basically, what I request to know is that seing which values are called and which values are passed to which values in a log form and in occurance/execution order.

for example :

1- main function has been called
2- input value(it is large) has been passed to the following argument
3- return value (3) is passed to this function as an argument.

with occurance order, it would be so nice to have this with a plugin or smt.

I am using PyCharm community edition

Thanks in advance

A tool that does this is called a debugger. I don’t use PyCharm, so I don’t know if there is something built into it for this. You should be able to look around the menus and help for something like that, or search about it. The Python standard library includes a command-line debugger called pdb, documented here.

A well featured IDE will have the kind of ‘feedback’ that you’re looking for; not in the verbose way that you set out as examples, but certainly the information needed to debug a script by way of ‘single stepping’ code lines or running a script to a predetermined ‘break point’.

There are modules, such as logging that you can use, but they do introduce extra coding and another level of learning.