I'm also taking a(nother) month off from volunteering


I have actually been out of open source since September, and only participated in the sprint because I was pre-committed to it, and it was important event to me.

Since I’m still having personal health issues, as part of my recovery process I’m taking another month off. I’m also on extended leave from work. (Thanks to Zapier for their full support).

I’ll only be participating in PEP 8011 related stuff but likely nothing else, unless it is mission critical.

Thanks for understanding.

(Guido van Rossum) #2

Take care Mariatta and get well!

(Carol Willing) #3

Take care. I’ll be back in the US right before DjangoCon. If there is anything that I can do to help, please let me know.

(Steve Dower) #4

Thank you for coming to the sprint! It was very valuable to have you there (I didn’t even realise you were taking time off.)

Hope you get well soon. Feel free to just post if something needs doing and you can’t get to it - one of us will cover for you :slight_smile: