Image recognistion not working


I’m trying to use the locate on screen function from the PyAutoGui module, but it isn’t working.

This is all the code for now

import pyautogui


This is what’s returned:

/Users/mauritswoudenberg/PycharmProjects/helloWorld/venv/bin/python /Users/mauritswoudenberg/PycharmProjects/helloWorld/
/Users/mauritswoudenberg/PycharmProjects/helloWorld/venv/lib/python3.11/site-packages/rubicon/objc/ UserWarning: rubicon.objc.ctypes_patch has only been tested with Python 3.4 through 3.10. You are using Python 3.11.0. Most likely things will work properly, but you may experience crashes if Python’s internals have changed significantly.

Process finished with exit code 0

Any idea what I’m doing wrong here? I’m on mac M1.


Read the warning. CPython’s internals changed in 3.11. You likely need to use 3.10 or wait for pyautogui to update for 3.11.

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