Importing a excel table is not working properly

Hello guys!
I’m a beginner to python and I want to use a .csv table by importing it into jupyter notebook.
But somehow it is not working properly.
It should use the last two columns Ort as words and Plz as numbers. Somehow it is mixed or even NaN.
I wonder id the format of my excel is wrong because every row is in one column only but seperated with “,”.

Thank u in advance!!

Hello Andy,

I guess you are importing the .csv file into a Python program running inside a Jupyter notebook (not into a notebook directly which would probably be off-topic here), right?

Please select few interesting lines from your CSV and put them here as text (not image) between triple backticks:

# your text will be here

Also put here your Python code you are solving the problem with, also between triple backticks. Also show the unwanted output of your code you are getting and tell which parts are not as you wish.

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