Improved Enums in v3.11

PEP 663 – “Standardizing Enum str(), repr(), and format() behaviors” was aimed at v3.11, but was rejected. (PEP 663 – Standardizing Enum str(), repr(), and format() behaviors | Was there a ‘replacement’ PEP?

Alternately, where was it decided that certain improvements would be made to Enum?

Have looked at Python-Ideas (somewhat overwhelming in volume) and a few other places, but can’t see any summary (apart from above rejection) which says ‘this is what we’re going to do’ (and hopefully a rationale for the various improvements).

Please provide a pointer to these discussions or conclusions.

You can look through open enum issues, especially those tagged Type: feature.

Thanks for this.
Does that mean that the only place where all of the enum-improvements were brought-together into one place was the What’s New (and docs)?

As far as I know, yes.