Improving core-dev workflow by quickly finding PRs that deals with particular module


I just worked on this in the PyCon Sprints:

Source code here:

You can search for directories or files you maintain and it will filter the list of PRs that has edited those files.

These all are open pull requests.

This is based on @csabella’s work. @vstinner @csabella and I discussed this in the sprint and I quickly developed this prototype.

If this is something we would like to use, I can clean up things and deploy it somewhere.

Please let me know your thoughts!



I love it and I want it now :slight_smile:


Hi, I am also interested but mainly by the code and your interaction with the Github API. Where is the code?

Thank you


You can find the code here:

We would probably need to clean up the code a bit and hit the GitHub Server in parallel to fetch the data faster.

I have started a new version of your script with aiohttp and the GraphQL api of GitHub. I can get the PRs and their files in few seconds.

Amazing! I’ll be heading out in an hour and take a look later in the day!


We’ve addressed the suggestions I gathered from several core-devs during PyCon Sprints.

Here is the live version:


  • Orders multiple pull requests by staleness. (You see the PR that has not been touched first)
  • Offer case-insensitive search for multiple files.
  • Offer shareable URLs: A URL like,coverage will show you PRs opened for files matching travis OR coverage
  • It uses GraphQL to fetch data and refreshes it every 5 mins! :smiley:
  • If you’re viewing the PR numbers, you don’t necessarily need to click on it to know what it is about; you can hover on PR number to view the title of the Pull Request.

Here is a GIF showing it in action:

Special thanks to @storymode7 & @GeekyShacklebolt for helping with integrating features and working on this!


Thank you to all the devs that suggested ways to improve this tool. If you’ve any suggestions, please feel free to open an issue or even better is to do a pull request :slight_smile:

Thank you !!!