In Flask - SQLAlchemy I want to fetch "Month of Experience" from Skill Mapping table of particular skills ID (Skill Master table)

Skill (Master table)

class Skill(db.Model):
tablename = ‘skills’ id = db.Column(UUID(as_uuid=True), primary_key=True, default=uuid.uuid4, unique=True, nullable=False) text = db.Column(db.String) is_active = db.Column(db.Boolean) is_deleted = db.Column(db.Boolean) added_on = db.Column(db.Date, default=now()) added_by = db.Column(db.String) updated_on = db.Column(db.Date) updated_by = db.Column(db.String)

def __init__(self, text, added_by, is_active, is_deleted):
    self.text = text
    self.added_by = added_by
    self.is_active = is_active
    self.is_deleted = is_deleted

def serialize(self):
    return {'id':,
            'text': self.text,
            'is_active': self.is_active,
            'is_deleted': self.is_deleted}


class JobProfileSkillMap(db.Model): tablename = ‘job_profile_skill_map’ id = db.Column(UUID(as_uuid=True), default=uuid.uuid4, unique=True, nullable=False) job_profile_id = db.Column(UUID(as_uuid=True), db.ForeignKey(, onupdate=‘CASCADE’, ondelete=‘CASCADE’), primary_key=True) skill_id = db.Column(UUID(as_uuid=True), db.ForeignKey(, primary_key=True) month_of_exp = db.Column(db.Float, default=0) added_on = db.Column(db.Date, default=now()) added_by = db.Column(db.String)

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