Insane Error Running Python3

I have a script that uses requests_html. When I ssh into the Linux host and run the script, it works as expected. But here is the insanity. When I log on to the console of that machine an run the script from a terminal I get a traceback from ‘session.get’ that the browser quit unexpectedly. Same script, same user, same host, same home directory. Any ideas?

Hi Gw1500se1,

What sort of answer are you expecting? We know nothing about the host,
the browser you are using, the script you are running… the only answer
we can give is that either there’s a bug in the script, an error in your
logic, a problem with the host, a bug in the browser, a transient
network issue, a permanent network issue that only appears when you
aren’t using ssh, a permissions issue, or something else.