Introducing scalaps: Scala-inspired data structures for Python

New library for working with collections and sequences using the generic, functional algorithms.

Overview article, Introducing scalaps: Scala-inspired data structures for Python.

I’m curious what other people in the Python community think about this approach to working with sequences and collections. I’ve found scalaps to simplify my code, improve readability, and cut down on errors by leveraging the generic algorithms implemented in this library. I’d like to hear what other people think.

Work in progress and I’d appreciate some feedback before I invest too much time into this library. Once we’re happy with the API, I’ll further improve the library, including developing robust tests and some more examples/documentation. Also, I welcome PRs if you have any ideas.

Thanks for considering scalaps!

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See also

I like fluent API in general, but Python’s line break and styling rules don’t work very well with it :pensive:

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Thanks for sharing the fluentpy project. Looks really interesting and seems to further evolve some of these ideas. Will check it out and possibly use it as a replacement.

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Please keep this library coming! It has a slightly nicer interface than fluentpy imo. I am trying it out for size now.