Is any one IDE more advantageous over another in general?

I’m a PHP refugee, and Python is a whole new world for me, so please excuse my newbie question. :slight_smile:

I looked at VS Code, and looked at PyCharm, and there are others I haven’t looked at yet.
While each IDE has their own little differences and all that, is there any actual advantage of one over the other?

My area of expertise is Web development, nothing in the scientific field or other non-Web type of work. So to that end, will PyCharm be enough, or should I go to VS Code or even another IDE to be sure all bases are covered for my line of work?

Yes. If IDE A has a feature you like, and IDE B does not, then A has an advantage over B for you.

Of course, other people who don’t care for that feature may disagree, but that’s why there are so many IDEs. And you may find that B has a different feature that you like that A lacks.

The choice of which IDE you prefer, or no IDE at all (just a good quality programmer’s text editor, plus Python running in an open terminal) is a personal, subjective choice.

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