Is Discourse hype decreasing?

Last weeks, I started to check new messages on Discourse less frequently. It seems like more traffic is happening on mailing lists than on Discourse. I’m mostly following python-dev and python-committers mailing lists. python-ideas and python-dev never officially migrated to Discourse which was more experimental from the start. What do you think?

I suppose there are some time-based statistics (graphs?) somewhere, perhaps only the admins have access.

HyperKity (Mailman 3 archives) has nice graphs on mailing lists (last 30 days) and gives the number of messages per month (when you click on a month), but python-dev didn’t migrate to Mailman 3 yet.

Example with buildbot-status:

So it’s not at its highest, but it’s not at its lowest. And the packaging group is very actively using Discourse.


Thanks @brettcannon. There’s a weird peak in signups at the beginning of April…

That’s Guido’s highlighting of the Chinese working ethics problem, which gained 20k+ views: Can we do something for 996 programmers in China? - #23 by devcang