Is fullstack python a good idea for my application?

I am writing an application now in python that uses Amazon’s MWS API which is the API used by Amazon sellers to be able to get info on sales, inventory etc. I am using python to queue and pull data from this API and store results in MySQL DB. I am now want to display some of that data and looking at what stack makes sense to use to display data. Here are my thoughts/assumptions

  • Python is working great for running these offline tasks but with the resulting reports are all being stored in a database there is nothing saying that I cant use something else to drive the website if better
  • I am not married to any other web stack. My web programming experience is so old that I have no ties to anything. Whatever I choose will learn from scratch. My python experience is lower intermediate but I am thinking if I use python in the website that will help my python experience grow
  • Not sure where to start. I had posted about looking to start with a simple python webstack to monitor just the queues of reports that need to be run. A few said start with flask but a few said that if I wanted my dashboard to update with out a page refresh I should not be using flask. Not sure if that is true or not.
  • Most of what I want to display if things are static or at least can be refreshed on page reload. But some value changes I might want to push out as they change on the database. Examples might be if I am tracking daily sales in dollars for one of my customers as my offline that grabs data from amazon reports a sales price change that should be updated on the dashboard without a reload. Its likely a small percent of the values on a dashboard that need to be pushed out but I see the value in pushing out values as they change.

Django seems to be one of the more popular phython frameworks. Is there anything that I should look out for when deciding if this is a good way to go?

Thanks so much for any input anyone might have.

I think yes if you have enough experience with python then yes. As you know python is easy and Django is a great framework. If your project is very serious or very important to you, then I recommend using something like react or any other js framework they are better for serious application.

And I also recommend that You use visual studio for this and a silly question.
What editor do you use.

Thanks for responding. I have more experience with python than most other languages. As far as webstack stuff most of my serious experience is over 20 years old, back when PHP was bleeding edge :slight_smile:

I have been watching a video series using python, django, javascript and react. I am most comfortable with Pycharm as that is what I used for all my python projects. I started with that but might look at VS Code. The demo that I am watching uses VS as well. Pycharm easily created me a working environment but I am not opposed to switching. This is the video I was watching to get a little more intro…