Is it possible to inherit a "master" pyproject.toml?

I have to create a multiproject. I would like to have a master pyproject.toml, with the common settings, and the sub pyproject.toml to inherit from it.

Is there a way to do this? Some packaging tools allows this? Poetry seems to not support it:

Are there too many inherited fields to add to the “dynamic” array (e.g. version)? A custom finder plug-in might be needed to filll in the values from a specified external pyproject.toml, if nothing to do so already exists . Writing your pyproject.toml - Python Packaging User Guide

I’m sure it’s technically possible. But instead of writing a build plug-in, perhaps this is one of these situations where the simplest thing to do is tolerate a little duplication, or include the submodules in the parent whose config theirs depends on? Reference - Hatch

Otherwise, I’m not sure how well it would work if setuptools reads a subproject’s pyproject.toml before running, but a could carry out any action that can be described in code.

I’m not sure I understood. Hatch can do this? How? I can’t understand from the link you posted :frowning:

I think Hatch supports build plug-ins that can do this by tapping into one of the various hooks.