Is MPlayer version 0.0.90 is compatible with python 3.7 or not ? if not then which MPlayer version is compatible with python 3.7?

Please provide proper information along with some links or references which i can refer to solve my query.

MPlayer is a stand-alone program which plays videos. I don’t understand how it could be “compatible” or not with any version of Python or how it has anything to do with Python at all.

If you meant this library for controlling the MPlayer program from Python, we can’t really tell you any more than the documentation says there. It looks like the project is not active.

Also, a version number like 0.0.90 doesn’t make any sense here; the program is on version 1.5, and the library is on version 0.7.2.

We actually have using mplayer in python 2.7.9 and now we are migrating to python 3.7.9 so we want to know can we use same mplayer or we can use latest version if any for doing multimedia integration with python.

MPlayer has not been maintained since 2019 and the GitHub repository was archived in 2021. You should look for a different tool or process.

The metadata for the most recent release just says that it supports Python 3, without getting into any specifics. This usually means that the author/maintainer has not done any version-specific testing. The only way you can really know is to try it.

I can’t even guess how you found a version of the library with a version number like that. The oldest release on PyPI is 0.7.0 and that’s from 2011. If you really mean that version of the video player program, I can’t even find any evidence of any 0.x releases ever being available to the public.

we are migrating to python 3.7.9

FYI Python 3.7 is already end-of-life. The latest version of Python is version 3.12.