Is PSF losing Python?

Definitely worth reiterating: Please help review PRs and bug reports! One doesn’t need to be a core dev to do these.

For what it’s worth, in parallel to what’s been described above, I plan to be spending my core dev time, including the upcoming core dev sprint, mostly on making contributing easier.


Thanks Tal.

Rather than folks spreading FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) or gloom and doom, it would be much more helpful for folks to ask questions.

First, Python will thrive for decades to come.

Second, releases will be incremental with no intention of major backward incompatabilities. The next release after 3.9 is 3.10. There are no existing 4.0 plans that I have seen. Sensationalizing and speculating wildly doesn’t benefit the language or the community.

Third, a public q&a from PyCon 2020 with the current Python Steering Council may be viewed here. In addition, there is a public Steering Council repo where people may ask questions as well.

Finally, thank you to the core devs and community who work as volunteers to sustain and improve Python. Looking at the education programs around the world, Python is building a whole new generation of Python users and developers across a variety of uses.