Is there a back button?

I keep going to places I don’t intend to go (clumsy fingers and using an iPad), but I have totally failed to find a “back” button that takes me to where I came from… and then I always have to go through the front page, but of course the post I was reading is no longer “unread” so I can never find it back…

Does the browser’s back button not work? Or are you not using a browser?

This is when I’m using the app, on an iPad. I don’t remember any issues when using a browser, so I guess that back works there just fine…

@jackjansen, if you swipe up quick, a panel on the bottom of the screen appears with “Back” (left), “Forward” (right), “Share”, and “Open in Safari” buttons. At least that’s how it looks on the iPhone.

But I find it more natural to swipe what you see to move “back” and “forward”:

  • If you think of the screen as a piece of paper, you swipe it right to unfold what’s underneath (or “to the left”). So this is “back”.
  • If you swipe the content you see left, you cover it with something from the future (or “to the right”). So this is “forward”.

I don’t have an iPad to check how natural or awkward this gesture is for a bigger screen but on the iPhone it feels pretty natural.

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Found it, thanks! Apparently I didn’t try swiping because that other header line (with the toplevel navigation and search/menu/me) does remain on-screen.