Is there a plugin index (or similar?)

You must not think like that; you have done no such thing: it’s not obvious how this is done. In fact, this was one of the many things covered in this thread:

… and I still think that some sort of a “Forum Software User Guide” that pulls these things together, would be of considerable help to many Forum members, albeit a burden of work for someone to set up and maintain.

Perhaps we should document some of these things under the Discourse section on the devguide and link to it from

The devguide is easier to edit (via PR) than the Discourse FAQ (admins only).

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FWIW, for reference, this previous thread discussed rendering inline vs. “true” footnotes in some detail:

There seemed to be a rough consensus in favor of rendering them as “true” footnotes given the usability issues folks like Paul highlighted with them (and while I was previously an advocate of the inline style, he convinced me to reconsider and lean somewhat in the other direction). But that discussion only captured a relatively modest slice of the most active members, and as Łukasz mentions, the ones who likely have more of an issue with the current display. Maybe it’s worth trying, though, and seeing what feedback we get?