Is there a shortcut to focus on the Search field on

The pragmatic thing seems to be select visible fields. Perhaps we should move this to issues on Sphinx and p-d-t for further discussion?


Doesn’t work in Firefox 106.0.1 on Win10.

I have no idea why I never thought of the “Add a keyword for this search” option, since I have already done this for several other sites (“wiki”, “wikt”, for example). Thanks so much for the reminder: just added “py” and it works just fine.

I have to use mouse to change keyboard focus

Or you can use the tab key (albeit several times) to reach the field.

Here’s the tracking issue for the / on narrow width in Furo, which is the first step in getting this fixed in the devguide.

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I wish I could toggle into a mode where I would get this neat full-width search bar regardless of the actual window size.