Is there a way of getting a list of maintained Python versions?

I want to get a list of the currently-active Python versions. I can get the information I want from Download Python | (the “Active Python Releases” section of that page) or from Python Developer's Guide, but is the information available in a more machine readable form anywhere? As far as I can tell, the devguide page (at least) is manually maintained.

There is an active PR addressing this: Replace the "Status of the Python branches" table with a csv. by ezio-melotti · Pull Request #884 · python/devguide · GitHub (cc @ezio-melotti).


Yes, or at least you can get EOL dates for each version from


In fact, I started using data from this site for building our official Python CI images. One thing to keep in mind though is that (AFAICT), doesn’t have the concept of the different stages in a Python release’s lifecycle, i.e. active for bug fixing or security-only mode.