Is there some way that I can get a PyQt5 or PySide2 project to run? I have tried a lot of things nothing has worked

I have been following all the directions that I can find and I have properly installed all of these things. I have tried to do it with QT Creator. It isn’t as easy as people show. If I can do it with Visual Studio, that would be nice, but I have tried with C++ and form elements are hard to access. I have tried to do it with Visual Studio Code and I think that I have found how to use an interpreter, but I don’t know how to select it. What I need is real help, not answers that lead me nowhere (no offense).

Hi Carle,

as you are using VS Code yet, I guess you are using Windows 10, right?

You obviously first need to get a basic understanding of the relations of the packages and commands necessary to run a PySide application / environment.

If you are fine with PySide for the beginning too, you can follow my step by step description for setting up and running PySide applications / environments on Windows 10, which you can find here:

Python Runtime Environment for Scientific Applications with Qt based GUI - Blythooon, Part 1 - YouTube

In the last third of said video, after setting up the environment, I demonstrate how to start a PySide application example called, which is part of the Blythooon package. You can have a peek into this to get a grip how a simple GUI can be set up.

After that, we have the same Blythooon environment installed and thus I can tell you, what is necessary to get Visual Studio Code running using said Blythooon environment (as I am using VSCodium, that should be easy from then on:).

Cheers, Dominik